Open Yale course: Introduction to Psychology

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This link goes to a set of 20 class lectures for Psych 110, "Introduction to Psychology," as taught by Paul Bloom at Yale University. Many (though not all) of the sessions are related to ed psych. The materials are available to download free of charge. You can access the reading assignment, an audio recording of the lecture, or a video recording of the lecture. In some cases there are links to additional materials on the Internet (though note that some of those may be under restrictive copyright).

( Note: If you want to see other open courses from Yale, here is their basic website: Open Yale Courses. MIT has an even larger repository, but their courses tend to me more technical and less related to education. Here is the the MIT website: MIT Open Courseware.)

- Seifert Seifert May 26, 2010

(See also Introduction to psychology.)