Educational psychology students can learn a lot about educational psychology by assessing the quality of the materials provided on the teachingedpsych wiki . Zsuzsanna Szabo, instructor at Marist College, asked graduate students to revise and extend the materials on this wiki. Here on this page is the assignment that explains how she did it.

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Below is the assignment displayed in HTML format. You can also access it as a PDF file by clicking on this button:

Final Team Project: Teachingedpsych Wiki Assessment

(400 points)
This assignment is your major examination in this course. The work is done in teams and presented in the iLearn forums by each team at the appropriate
date in the Calendar.

You will be evaluated on the learning and teaching process.
There are three separate components to the final exam:
  1. Evaluation and critique of a resource for teaching educational psychology (APA required)
  2. Development of a concept map taking into account what you learned about the human mind and learning (no APA required)
  3. Literature review of a topic from educational psychology, presentation and discussion facilitation (APA required and power point presentation)

Each team will study one of the specific topics of a resource posted to the educational wiki “Teaching Educational Psychology

We are working only on the section “Specific topics of educational psychology” there will be 8 (eight) topics studied (see below list of choice of topics). Each team will chose one out of the eight specific topics available. Pay attention to the name of topic listed below, since the order I chose for presentations is different than on the wiki pages.

Specific topics of educational psychology

1. Human development

2. Motivation

3. Social relationships

4. Teacher education

5. Theories of learning careful to not overlap/take what you learn in EPSY 510!

6. Classroom management

7. Assessment of K-12 learning

8. Special education

Note about two specific topics:
Thinking and cognition: Since in the first part of the course we study this topic is not fair that one team will have all information already studied.
Introduction to psychology: Not of interest for this course (about educational psychology). In consequence we skip these wiki specific topics.


(50 points)

Each team will identify one specific topic from the eight on the list above of special importance
or interest to the students in the team, from the ones listed. Locate pages or material in the wiki
that addresses that topic. Please surf also the other topics pages since might be possible linked to
your topic in some way.

Using what you know about critical thinking and metacognition each team will write a short
review (max 2-3 pages, APA required) of the relevant pages listed for your topic, commenting
both on what is clear and on what needs more explanation.

The team then will locate additional material (8-10 additional links), on the Internet that is NOT
part of the wiki, but that supplements the existing teachingedpsych wiki material, or that fills in
conceptual gaps in the existing material. You are to locate only open access material for this part
(something that you can find by using Google). You are to develop in the Appendix to your
short paper a list with all the web page addresses and a short description of each resource. Please
prepare this information in that manner to be posted later to the wiki under your names. If you
are familiar with wiki posting I can give you access and accept you as member; and you may
post that directly to the teachingedpsych wiki.
I would expect from this assignment that students would find a lot to criticize about the wiki.
Many pages seem overly brief or ambiguous. Many might also seem "too theoretical" and not
practical enough. There are many links that do not have a high educational theoretical or
practical value. There are links that do not provide educational knowledge that can be well used
to teach the content.

Please provide the critique and your arguments using your knowledge of cognition and learning
in order to enhance students’ thinking and learning, and also bring in the additional resources to
improve the content on the wiki. This part needs to be a critical review of the presentation on the
wiki, not critique to the theoretical content itself. Support your arguments with content you
learned in this course.

Each team will become expert in their own specific topic. Study well your topic and be prepared
to present and discuss it!


Each team will analyze their section of the wiki and create a graphic "concept map" of how the
parts are related conceptually and how they relate to other parts of the specific topics on the wiki.
For purposes of this assignment, your team will have to explain the rationale for the connections
illustrated in the concept map. This part should be mostly the concept map with several short
paragraphs for rationale (max 2 pages; see instructions on how to make a concept map; no APA
required). You may use word, or power point, or Inspiration to create your concept map (you can
download Inspiration for free, only for 30 days,, if you use
that make sure you have your concept map ready before you download, to give you plenty of
time to perfect it and not run out of time).


(150 points/lit review + 150 points/ ppt + facilitation)

Each team using all the material studied from their specific topic will choose one preferred
content for presentation and discussions. You will find on the wiki page of your topic several
smaller topics, out of those you are to focus on a topic you are interested in and you consider
that would enhance the knowledge and practical teaching application of your colleagues in this
course (please consult with instructor on your choice of topic before starting your work on this
section). You should be the experts on that topic and your team will teach the content to the
class at the date listed in the course Calendar.

Research for at least 8 journal articles on the topic, integrate them in support for the material
found on the wiki and the web, and write a literature review on the topic (maximum 2000
words). This should follow all requirements for APA style. The instructor will grade your
literature review. Please submit this to both forums: Assignments and in the discussions forum at
the date in the Calendar as class reading for the week you present the topic.

Once you complete the literature review the team will prepare a power point presentation on the
content (use the same content from wiki and from your literature review; you may link
information in the ppt to the wiki). Show the educational application of your topic into the
classroom teaching. Conclude your power point with several discussion questions that show
educational application, and facilitate the discussion on the topic as it applies to the teaching
practice. Your power point should be at least 20 slides with complete notes.

The class will read the literature review you posted which stands as weekly reading, and your
power point presentation, then participate in the discussions on the topic you present. Your team
is responsible for discussion facilitation that week.