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The Educational Psychology Adopter Community, sponsored by College Open Textbooks, is a grassroots faculty organization focused on sharing and enhancement of open educational resources (OER) for the teaching and learning of educational psychology. The group is currently focused on the open Educational Psychology textbook co-authored by Drs. Kelvin Seifert and Rosemary Sutton, peer reviewed by college faculty, and adopted by multiple colleges. The text is now housed in modularized form at the Connexions repository at Rice University. The Connexions repository provides a collaborative platform allowing interested, individual faculty to create custom versions of the textbook and share additional resources for teaching and learning with the community. Students may also order a paperbound version from Connexions at low-cost.

The College Open Textbooks Collaborative, funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, has as its mission creating faculty awareness of high quality, accessible and culturally relevant open educational resources (OER) to increased access to higher education. A key part of this mission is the creation of discipline-specific communities of practice to support faculty in their sharing, reuse, and creation of OER.

The College Open Textbooks Collaborative provides a catalogue of 650+ open textbooks with peer and accessibility reviews for over 100 of the textbooks, one of which is the Educational Psychology textbook written by Dr. Kelvin Seifert and Dr. Rosemary Sutton. In addition, it has a free, open online community of practice with 700+ members, mostly faculty at colleges in the U.S. and Canada, where members dialogue on issues around creation, use, and advocacy of Open Educational Resources.

To find out more the Educational Psychology Adopter Community, and to join our GoogleGroup, please send an email to its moderator, Una Daly < dalyuna@fhda.edu >.

- Seifert Seifert May 12, 2011