On this page are links to blogs, wikis, and other Internet discussion lists related to teaching ed psych. They have been recommended by various people and posted at various times. Most are interactive in some way (i.e. you can send in comments or items for posting). Feel free to add more!discussiongroupsmall.JPG

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Reading Blogs (and Other Sources) Through an RSS Reader

Don't have the time to go out and search each of these blogs to find out if there is anything new or of interest that day? Have all the new blog entries sent to you! You can achieve this end very easily and efficiently for only the blogs you are interested in by setting up what are called RSS feeds. It is actually quite easy, and it is explained well in this blog entry from the Technology for Educators blog mentioned below. Not only can you have your favorite blogs sent to you, but you can also receive "feeds" from news sites, video sites, journal tables of content, and more. These feeds can be keyword specific so that you only receive news feeds from Yahoo, for example, about educational psychology. For example, you can receive a feed from this ScienceDaily site for Educational Psychology news.

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The Educational Psychology Community

A discussion forum focused on supporting open-access materials for teaching educational psychology--especially using the open-access textbook, "Educational Psychology" by Kelvin Seifert and Rosemary Sutton. A bit more background about this community can be found here.

Technology Integration in Educational Psychology and Teacher Education

This is an extensive website about ways to use technology in educational psychology in particular, and in teaching in general. It was constructed by Kristin Backlund, a graduate student at the College of St. Rose (New York). Fairly extensive and well-constructed!\

- Seifert Seifert Mar 1, 2012 for Kristen Backlund, College of St. Rose

Teaching Educational Psychology Forum.

A listserv-style discussion list of the Special Interest Group on Teaching Educational Psychology, affiliated with the American Educational Research Association.

Teaching Educational Psychology Blog.

A blog started in May, 2010 and sponsored by the Special Interest Group on Teaching Educational Psychology, affiliated with the American Educational Research Association. Note: the content of the Forum list (noted above) and the Blog (noted here) do not necessarily duplicate each other.

Technology for Educators.

Not a blog about Educational Psychology per se, but one that describes descriptions of some very useful tools for all educators.

Educational Psychology

A website originally created by graduate students at Northern Illinois University.


The ed psych part of a larger wiki about all aspects of psychology. This page is intended mainly for teaching introductory psychology, but is useful for teaching ed psych specifically.

ORTP Teaching of Psychology Wiki

As its name implies, this wiki aims to cover all areas of psychology--presumably mainly to benefit instructors of introductory psychology. Some of its topics and materials, however, are relevant specifically to teaching educational psychology. The wiki is new as of November, 2009, so it is still building resources.

MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching)

This website is a repository operated in a wiki style--i.e. open-source (free) materials contributed by "anyone." It assembles all types of materials related to higher education in general. The link provided here goes to the section labeled "Educational Psychology," which has a couple of dozen contributions. The tendency is to provide modular materials (short bits and pieces). It is a motley assortment, and a few of the links may have become defunct since they were posted, but it also contains worthwhile materials.


Another wiki-style repository of open-source (free) materials on many areas of higher education. It is similar to MERLOT in scope and purpose, but is especially strong on science and technology subjects. Regarding education, it is strongest on "analytic" topics like instructional design. You will need to register and sign in before accessing the materials, but doing so is free.

EduTech Wiki

A wiki site discussing ed psych with an emphasis on issues of instructional planning. Based at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) and written primarily by Daniel Schnieder, it has an interesting international perspective as a partial result.

British Psychological Society Research Digest

A blog sponsored by the British Psychological Society that presents summaries of interesting, varied psychological topics. Not all topics relate to teaching and learning directly, but many do. Most articles cite research studies to back up their main points.

Psychology Today Blog

This blog is published by the popular magazine Psychology Today. Like a lot of materials affiliated with the field of psychology rather than the field of education, some of the materials are related to teaching and learning, but not all. If you don't find something relevant to teacher education, therefore, at least you will find something interesting!