This page contains many useful websites that collect materials that are helpful in teaching psychology. It is not a listing of specific class activities or specific course assignments. Some of this material is helpful in teaching ed psych, though not all is relevant to this field directly. All materials are free of charge and free of copyright restrictions.manypsychbookssmall.JPG

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Teaching social psychology:

Teaching personality psychology:

Teaching general introduction to psychology:

  • --a wiki-based site, meaning that you are free to add materials or comment on existing materials, as well as to use them.
  • --a wiki-based site that is especially rich in short videos useful for teaching introductory psychology
  • relatively new (as of November, 2009) wiki-based site with resources for teaching introductory psychology. Sponsored by Division 2 of the American Psychological Association.
  • --an HTML-based site focused exclusively on providing short videos about psychology for use in class. All are open-source, and many are amusing!
  • compilation of materials for teaching many areas of introductory psychology. Especially keyed to the British educational system, but useful in North American nonetheless. Topics areas especially relevant to educational psychology include Cognition, Development, and Child care and education.

- Seifert Seifert Sep 2, 2011

Resources about general psychology (vs. for teaching psychology):

  • The Psychology Wiki: Educational psychology --provides information about ed psych. Some is basic, some more esoteric--and also some is missing. Part of a more general website featuring content in all areas of psychology.
  • Athabasca University Psychology Resources --a compilation of websites related to various topics of intro psychology. Not primarily focused on ed psych as such. Relatively few original sources--mostly links to other people's sites, but selected with the needs of students in mind who are majoring in psychology.
  • Ed Psych Central --a big online clearinghouse of online articles and information about psychology. There is one section about educational psychology, though not specifically about the teaching of educational psychology. Most materials are either articles posted online or else links to websites related to some aspect of psychology (or ed psych, for the section of the site about that field).

- Seifert Seifert May 26, 2010