What is TEP SIG?

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TEP SIG is an abbreviation for "Special Interest Group on the Teaching of Educational Psychology." TEP SIG is one of many SIGs affiliated with American Educational Research Association.

TEP SIG provides various forums for instructors to share ideas and materials useful for teaching this particular subject in teacher education programs, though much of its materials, resources, and activities also are quite valuable for teaching other subjects.TEP SIG tends to focus on educational psychology as it is normally taught to and learned by preservice teachers (vs. graduate students in educational psychology). It also tends to have an "American," or at least North American, emphasis because the members of the group tend to come from Canada or the United States. In general, though, the group is very interested in learning about teacher education in other societies, and how it does (or does not) make use of educational psychology in those societies.

Additional regular activities of the TEP SIG include the following:
  1. A blog about teaching educational psychology
  2. A discussion listserve about teaching educational psychology
  3. Recent research presentations at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association related to teaching educational psychology
  4. The Teaching Educational Psychology Facebook page
  5. The online journal Teaching Educational Psychology

For more information about the TEP SIG, contact Kelvin Seifert, Zsuzsanna Szabo (managers of this wiki), or go to the AERA website about TEP SIG.