The teachingedpsych wiki is a collection of materials helpful in teaching introductory educational psychology in teacher education programs. It is a project of TEP SIG, a group of teacher educators affiliated with the American Educational Research Association. It is managed by Kelvin Seifert and Zsuszanna Szabo.
We welcome new material, within reason, as well as comments about existing material. You can email suggested material to Kelvin Seifert or Zsuzsanna Szabo, and we will either post it or comment on its appropriateness. Note that all material on this website is open-source and free to download, and that any new additions must be similarly accessible as explained in the Creative Commons Licensing Agreement.

We are looking for ways to reorganize this wiki to facilitate finding individual items more easily. If you have thoughts about how to do this effectively, please send them to the wiki managers, Kelvin Seifert or Zsuzsanna Szabo.

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Class activities and demonstrations

  • what to do on the first day or the last day; critiquing assessment practices; discussing behavior management, human development, motivation, student diversity, perspectives/theories about learning; and more..

Course assignments

  • assignments about human development, behavior modification, lesson planning, critiquing media, critiquing assessment practices; narratives of teaching; interviewing children; autobiography and ed psych; reflecting on reading assignments; and more...

Course syllabi or outlines

  • ed psych; intro psych; developmental psych; ...

Specific topics of educational psychology

Blogs, wikis, and discussion lists

  • several that are relevant to teaching ed psych...

Introductory ed psych textbooks

  • compilations in book form of information and teaching-related advice about ed psych--some free or online, and others that cost something

Articles, chapters, and books

  • an assortment of reading material, mostly intended for students' direct use, but some intended for instructors to help with teaching ed psych.


  • videos and feature-length films related to various topics about ed psych

Teaching Educational Psychology Journal

  • Selected archives of the journal Teaching Educational Psychology, published from about 1998-2012 by the Special Interest Group on Teaching Educational Psychology (TEP SIG).